Electrosurgery Equipment and Machines

We offer comprehensive range of Intra Aortic Balloon Pumps of Datascope and Arrow with long term Service Support. Afford Medicals Pvt Ltd is presently maintaining more than 70 Intra Aortic Balloon Pumps (IABP) in the market.
Electrosurgery Equipment Valleylab Force Fx
Electrosurgery equipment Valleylab force Fxoffers you the superior Instant Response Technology with dual hand switching options and high precision cutting and coagulation modes ideal for cardiac surgery.
  • Monopolar-Cut,Blend, Coag-dessicate,Fulgurate,Spray
  • Bipolar-Standard & Precise
  • Handswitching/Footswitching
  • Dual Monopolar Mode
  • Instant Response Technology

Electrosurgery Machine Valleylab Force 40
The most efficient of our Refurbished Diathermy equipment which is available at reasonable budget yet with high quality cutting and coagulation from Valleylab and with dual operating modes is the most sold Electrosurgery machineto our Cardiac Surgeons.

Devel ICC 300
Devel ICC 300 is a sophisticated Electrosurgery equipment with unmatched features of Autocut, Auto Bipolar, Independent dual operating modes, Tissue response Technology and user programming which enables user friendly and highly efficient performance for any type of surgery.